Ganoksin - New Website Theme

Hey Orchid -

It took about three months of work, but we just launched a new version of the website.

A few improvements…

  • Custom theme, much faster load time especially for international users.
  • Button behaviors all corrected, so it is now far easier to navigate
  • Various user experience issues you guys identified corrected (probably about two dozen)
  • Cleaned up 1,112 articles manually (yes, 1,112 articles were cleaned up, augmented, fixed, or corrected)

There are still a bunch more things left to do, including the history and the timeline, but it’s a good second step (the first was a little over one year ago). I wanted to thank all of you paying Orchid members and advertisers, especially. is a very interesting beast. The entire website is free and member/advertiser supported, yet we don’t accept any “google ads” or anyone outside of the jewelry industry. I LOVE that the free learning resources are improved upon and supported by this community. I just think it’s so cool and I love being a part of it and I thank you all for being so generous in supporting it.


Thank you all for your perseverance in making the most remarkable of informative sites. I have learned so much and I’m glad to have somewhere to go to learn that much more.
In appreciation for all your hard work,
Denny Diamond

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