[Ganoksin] Gold turning finger black

Hi All, Thanks to those who responded on list about gold turning my
client’s finger black. It was suggested by Judy Hoch that a sunshine
polishing cloth could be the culprit, and that the polishing residue
was possibly turning. She suggested that my client wash her hands and
the jewelry with soap and water. Well, I am happy to report that
apparently, it has worked! Of course, washing with soap and water
could have removed all sorts of things, even plain old sweat that was
causing the oxidation, but I think we settled on the cloth answer for
now, just for this case. I will continue to use the cloths, as I love
them, but at least she’s happy, and that’s good enough for me. I am
forwarding all the answers and suggestions on this topic along to
her, as I am sure she will be impressed with “The power of Orchid”.
And I apologize for not looking in the archives first, I should’ve, I
think I was just lazy.

Thanks again!

Andrew Horn
Alythea Arts