[Ganoksin] Ganoksin Video Library Announced


Ganoksin Video Library Announced

Video has arrived at Ganoksin!

We are very excited to announce our newest addition of improvements
and features to the Ganoksin website. (www.ganoksin.com)

Sometimes, the written word on a process performed in the jewelry
trade like metal casting, pales in comparison to the beauty of
watching molten metal in action.

Now available for viewing, Daniel Ballard from PM West, shows viewers
the seductive glamour of making grain and casting. Blaine Lewis from
New Approach School for Jewelers teaches us how to sharpen a graver
and why it is important to keep them sharp. These are just a few of
the many offerings you will find at the Video Library. Other titles
include ‘Gold Refining’, and a special discussion with Jurgen Maerz
discussing his views on platinum alloys.

Dr. Aspler states, “I am very happy to present these videos on
Ganoksin. They give our visitors a glimpse into the visual world of
casting and refining not easily comprehended in print”.

The Ganoksin Project (http://www.ganoksin.com) is the largest virtual
single source for searchable archived content for jewelry
and metals in the world. Its 5200 Orchid members foster sharing,
support community, enhance productivity and encourage studio safety,
by promoting education in the jewelry and metal arts worldwide.

For More Information contact:
Dr. E. Aspler (Hanuman)