Ganoksin Fights Spam using Artificial Intelligence

Effective May 22, 2003, The Ganoksin has started using a complex
system of eliminating spam mail and viruses before its reaches our

The new system has been tasted and tuned for the last week, and
proved to be 96% accurate.

The new anti-spam system uses artificial intelligence to create an
ever-expanding knowledge base for identifying spam. It works by
scoring each email against a set of complex rules. If the email in
question achieves more than a specified score, it is immediately
identified as spam.

Further more, we have signed up with Public Blacklists of known
spammers, to further restrict access of spam to our system and

The new spam filters will improve the delivery time of Orchid.

I strongly believe that the new system will provide extra benefits
to our community. As it will reduce our server’s load to free
precious resources for faster delivery of Orchid, It will also offer
Orchid members an additional layer of protection from spam bots and
malicious viruses.

I am closely monitoring the new system, and will notify personally
any Orchidian whom email was worngly blocked by the system.

Last but not least, I would like to remind you that the J2R Casting
Machine raffle date is only one month ahead. Tickets are sold fast!!

So if you still did not purchase your change to win, do it today

For a better Internet