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[ Newsletter][October 5, 1997 ]

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                          October 5, 1997 

We are here to build a strong pool of for the
benefit of Web’s jewelers and craftsmen - and those
interested in jewelry.

It has been some time since we came forward with an
announcement describing recent changes at We
have been hard at work behind the scenes - creating new
features, new pages, and generally reworking the “look” of
the site.

// – Recent Uploads – //

~ Tracing the green line - A journey to Burma’s jade mines


This article resulted from the first visit by foreign
gemologists to Burma�s jade mines in over thirty years. the
mines are described in detail, along with the road to and
from the area.

~ Fracture healing / filling of Mong Hsu ruby

~ Basic Hinge making

~ Basic Knuckle Options

// – Introducing the “Site Explorer” – //

Thanks to our new navigation software, navigating and
searching for within the Ganoksin site is now
easier than ever. This new software allows the visitor to
browse with its vast content in the same way [!]
one might use the Explorer application available with Windows
95. Our “Site Explorer” displays the entire site structure
as a collection of folders and documents. The user can then
access the various areas within the site directly by simply
dubble-clicking on desired document. The Site Explorer will
greatly assist the visitor in negotiating through the site
quickly and efficiently.

Check it out at:

// – Books – //

Presently, three esteemed writers are offering selection of
their books to be viewed online only at
Visitors who are interested in receiving a hardcopy of these
publications, will receive a substantial discount on the
basis of their free membership with

o Charles Lewton-Brain offers a promotional price for his
latest release, “The Hinge Book”, extracts of which are
listed under the the Tips from the Jeweler’s Bench -
Construction section.

Email Charles at:

o Ted Themelis of GemLab Inc. offers substantial discounts on
his well know work - The Heat Treatment of Ruby and Sapphire

  • an account of the most commonly practiced heat treatment
    methods and apparatuses, which alter the appearance of the
    ruby and sapphire; their occurrences, descriptions,
    inclusion characteristics, identification, and other

Email Ted at:

o Richard W. Hughes offers his recent, monumental work “Ruby
and Sapphire” - the finest book ever written on the subject,
to Ganoksin members at a special promotional rate.
Selected parts of the book are presently being compiled for
online viewing and will be uploaded to the site shortly.

Email Dick: [under construction]

// – Visitor’s Choice - The Gemlab Report – //

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our
visitors that all prior editions of Ted Themelis’ GemLab
Report are archived in the Tips section for retrieval.

The GemLab Report is an excellent monthly news bulletin
addressing various aspects of gemology and related topics of
interest to many in the gem and jewelry communities. The
GemLab report is published as part of the Orchid List and
Digest forum. Subscription is, as usual, Free!

Past Issues:

~ CZ & their Variations
~ The truth about White sapphires
~ About the so-called “Douros rubies”
~ New types of inclusions found in corundum
~ Heating Rubies and Sapphires; Technical Aspects

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Thanks for reading!

Dr. E. Aspler

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