Ganoksin Announces Partnership with GZ Magazine

The Ganoksin Project
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The Ganoksin Project Announces a New Partnership with GZ ART + DESIGN

The German publisher Ruehle-Diebener-Verlag, publisher of GZ, The
International Journal for the Jewellery and Watches Sector and GZ ART

  • DESIGN, and the Ganoksin Project ( have
    announced a partnership for an international Information Sharing

GZ magazine has a long history of providing on current
jewelry design and trends and in-depth insight into the contemporary
jewelry scene in various European countries. The unique new
English-language trade magazine GZ ART + DESIGN keeps its readers
up-to-date with designer portraits, the latest trends in jewelry,
interviews with designers, historical topics, technical articles,
etc. This journal is the most important global bridge between
Germany, Europe, and the English-reading world.

The Ganoksin Project is the world’s largest Internet resource for
jewelers This association brings European sensibilities
and design trends to the web.

Feature articles from GZ magazine and GZ ART + DESIGN will be
published regularly on the Ganoksin Project web site. Each article
presents outstanding jewelry design and ideas, selections of the best
that Europe has to offer.

Dr. Hanuman Aspler of Ganoksin said: “The mission of Ganoksin is to
unite metalsmiths and jewelers globally. It is a milestone in the
project’s development to make available superb European-oriented
content in our field”.

Mr. Alexander Dubois, Ruehle-Diebener-Verlag’s export manager, says
“This cooperation brings the latest jewelry designs, trends and new
techniques to the world, so that every interested industry and
jewelry trade person can profit”.

This new partnership adds to the roster of jewelry industry magazines
that partner with the Ganoksin Project. In 2005, official partners
include: Metalsmith, AJM, Colored Stone, and Glass on Metal. These
magazines join book publishers working with the Ganoksin Project to
further develop access and documentation for the jewelry

The Ganoksin project is the largest virtual single information
source for searchable archived content for jewelry and metals in the
world. Its 5200 Orchid members foster sharing, support community,
enhance productivity and encourage studio safety, by promoting
education in the jewelry and metal arts globally.

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