Gallium and Indium

I’m looking to buy small amounts of gallium and indium. Anyone know
who sells small amounts? Thanks Peter Slone

Peter Slone,

Years ago I obtained a few grams of gallium from a semiconductor
manufacturer. They use it, past tense I think. Interesting stuff, will
wet the skin and expands on freezing.

For indium, try a solder manufacturer. Someone like Kester might
still produce indium solder.

Bill in Vista

Peter, Both Indium and Gallium are available from Goodfellow Corp.
1-800-821-2870 or . You better really want
the Gallium it sells for $128 per ten gram lump. The Indium is not
much better at $112 for ten grams.


James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601

– Is Gallium radioactive? ==Pisces @mbm

Well, I just got the MSDS sheets back on Gallium. Prognosis for that
really amazing new alloy my manufacturer was going to start making my
pieces with: not good.

“Toxicological Information: Poison by subcutaneous and intravenous
routes. Eye, skin and mucous membrane irritant. Causes dermatitis and
depression of the bone marrow function.”

Just in case anybody cared to know, Peter Slone

P…S. Peter Rowe and other masters of the metallurgical universe:
When “they” say a given metal is dangerous, is that including any
alloys of the given metal?

It is important to consider how a metal will be used, and what it
will be alloyed with. Cadmium is fairly safe in its metallic solid
state, unless ingested or something silly ike that. Most lead
poisoning is lead oxide like from paints, or lead fumes from melting
it. Most hazardous metals are really a problem only when smelting or
alloying because the metal vaporizes and at high temperatures is
reactive with other elements like oxygen. That creates toxic
compounds. Keep in mind that th research is limited with Gallium and
other rarely used elements. The common elements are the best
understood. Daniel Ballard