Gallery Zyzyx formal complaint

to all if you remember a few months ago I had written and asked for
your help on feed back about the Gallery Zyzyx of balitmore. i did
get somehelp and good responses. we did go forward with a formal
complaint against this gallery and their preditory buisness
practices, with the BBB of Baltimore and The Rosen group. to date
though I am the only one they have on record with a formal

The Rosen group is trying to help Us by keeping them out of their
shows and sending a message to galleries like these to stop horrible
buisness practices of taking advantage of artists in need. the Rosen
group has asked for anyone who has had trouble with this particular
gallery to come forth and tell them about it, all confidential in
the Rosen grp. files. thanks for listening here is the message from
the Rosen Grp contact.

I spoke with [] regarding your dispute with Zyzyx. I have read
over the letter that you sent to your lawyer. I applaud the steps
you have taken thus far with the Better Business Bureau. I
understand that you have spoken with several other artist
regarding this retailer. It would help me if you could have them
contact me directly regarding any previous and/or ongoing
disputes with Zyzyx. Unfortunately, so far, you are the only one
who has come forward with a complaint. I want to help the
situation if I can, but will need more from other
artists to go forward. Feel free to post my contact
We cannot get involved on the legal side of things, but I can
keep them from attending the Buyers Market if there are more
artists that step forward.

3rd party contact removed

Hratch Babikian

I did not lodge a formal complaint when they accused me of asking
about jewelry because I was trying to steal designs. (Honestly, I
never even thought about that. I’ll blame mommy-brain, since I was
pregnant at the time of the incident).

I’ll have to contact the Rosen Group. I still have that email in my

Elizabeth Schechter
RFX Studios