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Gallery wire

Does anybody use gallery wire in lieu of bezels or to create
special effects? Is it still made? It’s been a long time since
I worked in silver, and I’m trying to get back to it again …
but I’d hate to ask a supplier for something that was
discontinued years ago! I asked this before, but no one replied

  • has it been “out” so long nobody else has heard of it?

Tas <— embarrassed

Orchid Digest Post:
Re: Gallery wireFrom:

Tas, I don’t worry about what’s out and what’s in. I use what
fits. If I have a busy jasper on a textured silver background,
gallery wire would be overkill, I’d use plain bezel wire. For
that big, cheap, amethyst cab I might choose a very fancy gallery
wire. Of course, if you’re making wearable “art”, you would have a
reason for what you choose: To show the decadence of society…

kathi parker

From: Vicki Embrey

I occasionally use gallery wire for bezels. Rio Grande has a
good selection of styles.

From: Phyllis Richardson

Rio Grande sell what they call Sterling Gallery Bezel wire. There
phone number iss, 1-800-545-6566 and fax number is
1-800-648-3499 Phyllis

From: “Laura S. Voigt”

Here, I have two addresses that might help: Lonnie’s, Inc. 1436
North 44th St., Phoenix, AZ 85003. (602) 220-0494 They charge 5%
for credit buys, so better use check.

Langert Bros. Co. 1526W Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ (602)
264-1620 since 1946. Supplies and findings.

Laura Voigt

From: “Laura S. Voigt”

Hi, Tas. I am sorry I cannot help you just yet. I am just
getting a resource database put together myself. But you might
look at craft outlets, etc. And there are such resources on the
Web. This weekend at Rockaway Mall near Dover, off RT. 80 there
is a craft fair. One dealer, downstairs, just outside of Sears,
has beautiful wire work, and cabs. Rings, everything. Very
inspiring. I used to buy from Griegers, but they recently went
out of business. There were a couple places in Mesa, Arizona,
one place in particular, that sells a wide range of jewelery
supplies. I will look up in my address book, etc., and see if I
can find them for you. Wish you luck. I would like to try that
myself, but I am more toward conventional silver mounts. Laura


Of course it’s still available…Rio carries it. I don’t know if
it’s “out,” but as it’s not handmade by the person making the
rest of the piece – I always thought that was the reason not to
use it. (I realize that is not always a concern.) Elaine

From: “Arnold”

Hi Tas, It is still available and still used. It comes in both
sterling and 14K. Try Hoover and Strong. Welcome back.
Tom arnold


Hi Tas I use gallery wire for bezels and decoration. Two
sources are: 1) Rio Grande, Tel: 800 545-6566, web site: 2) Indian Jewelers Supply Co., Tel: 800 545-6540
Hope this helps, Larry


I use both sterling and 14kt gallery wire quite often. It’s easy
to use and works well with my designs. Makes very nice bezels for
faceted stones, if you make a bearing for the stones to sit on.
Very few jewelers seem to use it, so my customers are pleased to
have something unusual. Mine! Mine! Don’t use it! LOL Karen
Boulder, CO


Tas, Gallery wire is alive and well. I just used some to set a
very large faceted smokey quartz in the top of a box-like
combination catch and decorative pendant. I soldered to bexel
onto the sheet, then cut out a whole corresponding to the size
and shape of the stone. To hold the stone in place, I soldered
more gallery wire on the bottom of the sheet. (Prongs turned to
the inside of the hole) It made a beautiful piece that was
attractive from back and front. It this doesn’t make sense
E-mail me off line and I will send you sketches.


WELL and can be found in ten different patterns on page 30 of
the most recent Rio Grande gems and findings catalog
1-800-545-6566). Apparently my reply to your previous request
got lost in the ether…D.

From: onyx

Yea, I do remember a gallery wire -sterling, that was available
in some awesome styles.There was a gothic that was really
sweat.That was some 25 or more years ago.(they say if you don’t
remember the 60’s then you probibly were there.) Anyway, a
company Newall in downtown Chicago ,I think on Adam’s street
used to carry it. The owner Jim has done a knock-out job of
restructuring the company.I believe he is also responsible for
the green dragon steamer. Feel free to contact me off line if you
can’t find them. Don Wollwage in sunny No. Ca. where it’s a
nice 79 degrees.


I’m sure that gallery wire is still made and is fun to use.
Check with Rio Grande. We have some interesting silver pendants
with gallery lately. Have fun, and don’t be embarrassed to ask
? 's Janine in Redding

From: Kathy Palochak

Just now caught your request on gallery wire. Try RGA, T-bird,
IJS, and for some different types, try Lee’s. K.P.


What exactly IS gallery wire? I would have thought it was
something used to hang pictures… I’m interested in learning
about it.

From: Jan McClellan

Tas, Rio has gallery wire in its catalog. I have occasionally
used it, but prefer plain bezel wire. I sometimes use a
decorative gallery wire for an accent on rings - on the band, not
for a bezel. It is there and people still use it. Jan McClellan