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Gallery Submissions

Hi Everybody

After reading all of the recent posts on websites, I have come
across a question (thanks again for all of the help, things are going
much better)…

I have been looking at some of the individual gallery websites and
having a hard time believing that in the age of digital images, they
have not updated their submission requirements…or have they?

One gallery listed the requirement of a slide sheet with 20 slides
of work, a resume, and artist statement. Do people still expect

Is it proper to email or call the gallery to ask if the requirements
have changed? Have they perhaps updated the requirements, but not
the info found on the site?

Thanks again,
Kim Starbard

Hi Kim,

In such cases, I send the galleries to my website,as it has all of
that Don’t have a website? Get one. Its a better
investment than slides. After all, you are looking at the gallery
website to get that Seems reasonable…no?

Lisa, (Rat Zappers work brilliantly. Small electric chair for rats.
Toss their 16 inch dead bodies over my cliff and the hawks eat them.
Woo hoo! Oh…we have a rat problem outside this year.)

Topanga, CA USA

Yes, I do believe it’s still possible that some people want slides. I
have no idea why… Oh yes I do. There are plenty of people who
really don’t want to get so involved in computers or digital work,
especially people who didn’t grow up with it. I would politely email
or call to find out if they accept digital alternatives.


Does flickr work for that at all? It would be handy to have a flickr
photo set labeled gallery portfolio that you could send a gallery
too. I suppose it could be on photobucket or another hosting site
too. I thought of flickr because it’s fairly easy to use, as long as
you are not obviously trying to sell things there.


There are plenty of people who really don't want to get so
involved in computers or digital work, especially people who
didn't grow up with it. 

I agree with this, plus I think a lot of folks want to be able to
decide in under 30 seconds whether to look closer. Since gallery
owners pretty much never actually project slides, I think it’s a
good idea to include 3-5 large prints in the packet to whet their
appetite. With the high quality of newer home printers, and the low
cost of on line photographic services, there’s really no reason not
to do this. I’d rather the snap judgement were made from a print
than by squinting at a slide held up to a fluorescent light!