Gallery question

Is there a place that I can go to look for galleries that accept art
jewelry? ( please no comments about “Is it art?”)

Also, what is the opinion on sending slides versus sending a URL for
my work to a gallery?

Andrea Streicher
Striker Studios

Try the Crafts Report and American Style Magazine. - Deb

Hello Andrea Streicher,

I’m talking to a gallery owner to get her response for you. She is
unaware of a listing of galleries that are known to sell art jewelry.

So far as sending slides VS a URL, she prefers slides since they are
less likely to be “enhanced” electronically. A URL is fine for
preliminary, speedy illustration of one’s work, but she would want
slides to follow up a URL before she got serious about carrying the
artist’s work. Another limitation of the URL is how large the image
can be made before pixels become distinct; the slide can be blown up
on a screen.

That’s her opinion as a gallery owner; I’ll be curious to see what
other responses you get. Best of luck

Judy in Kansas


This is a good question and one that will come up again as we move
into a more technologically advanced age. In my opinion, I think you
should send both the URL, slides and a postcard of your work. Sending
only your URL depends a lot on what kind of set up the gallery has and
how much time the owner wants to spend researching your work on the
web. Traditionally slides are the best. A gallery’s job is not just
to look at your work, but to sell your work. A slide on file is a
useful tool for presskits, or ending an article to the local
newspaper. It is your job in presenting your work as professional and
as easy for the gallery owner as possible. Have your name on
everything with a picture of you.

A URL is very helpful if somebody knows of your work, and the gallery
could point them to what you are offering if the buyer can’t make it
into the gallery.

I have an old URL for Helen Drutt in Philadelphia, and now it has
been re-routed to the general Philadelphia tourist page. I looked up
the arts section and then art galleries on the internet.
Interesting…no listing for metals, jewelry or sculpture. The “Fine
Art” seems to be all 2D, but they do have a listing for glass, which
was 3D the last time I saw.

Here is one: The king of PR: and of course: is interesting because there website is really the first
for high end contemporary craft which is all on the internet. They
are quite sucessful but they are also branching out into books and
heavily advertising in other related sites.

Hope this helps.


Hi Andrea, Try obtaining a copy of Niche magazine at 1800 NICHE-14 Good
luck, Diane


One of the places I find galleries at is a magazine called “The Craft
Report”. It has info on several galleries in each issue. They
interview the owners and they tell you how to approach them, what the
sell, etc… You should be able to find a copy at your local book
store or at . It also has other articles
about the business of craft.

good luck
Chris Slater