Gallery Contemporary Jewelry

Hi Fellow Jeweler

I’m new to this forum and I read most of the answer. The answers are
sincere, kind, informative and very good. I can answer some but
yours are better.

Thanks to Mr. Binion for responding to my e-mail The doctor,
Donivan, Wayne, Noel, Binion, Cooperman, Amy and Brian I know are
very good Jewelers. Forgive my grammar and my english.For the past
three years I am making jewelry for competition and fortunately I won
but It would not sell it in Baytown, Texas. I wonder why. I decided
look for Galleries that will carry my line preferavely California
and some State and I need your help.I have very few pieces. I will
appreciate your help. Pleased visit my web-site.

Thank You All
Renato L. Ronquillo