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Galleries in the South

Hi folks,

I am leaving Houston for about ten days and heading east. Will
be going through New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, Hilton Head
Island, Nashville, Memphis, & Little Rock. I am looking for
galleries in these areas that handle custom jewelry. Any
suggestions would be appreciated.



Joe - I just visited several galleries in Atlanta and can
recommend the quality of the following ones:

Vermilion Gallery, 1244 W. Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta Illumina,
Phipps Plaza, Peachtree Rd. in Buckhead City Art Works, 2140
Peachtree Rd., Atlanta Atlanta puts out a free Museums &
Galleries booklet - usually found in most hotels and restaurants.
It’s an excellent guide with good descriptions of each gallery.
I chose only those that carried contempory art jewelry because
that’s what I make. Good luck on your trip! Gini in very hot


Are you going anywhere near Aiken, S.C.? Aiken is a very
interesting place–especially geared to the horsey set as a place
to train thoroughbreads in the winter. There is a gallery and
framing shop there called The Artists Parlor. You would talk to
Toni Jerome. She has outstanding taste and a great eye for what
sells. The Parlor carries an ecclectic choice of art in many

If you get there tell her Anna’s Mom says Hi.