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G.z. magazine


Hi everybody. I am looking for the web site for the magazine
G.Z. or G.S. it is a German mag…I’m not sure about the spelling.
I know that the web site was posted before but I couldn’t find
it in the archives, any help would be appreciated.

Cary James,
Cary James Designs
P.O. Box 336
Manuels, Nfld.
A1W 1M9


lists the magazine as

Gold + Silber : Uhren + Schmuck continued by Uhren, Juwelen, Schmuck

This seems to be their homepage
hope that helps


Hi Roxana I looked in the magazine and the web address is A very nice magazine - a little costly though.
One section is bi-lingual (German English) and that is the
technique part, i.e. where they describe “new” techniques. The
rest of the paper is in German.

Best regards
Lars Dahlberg/Gotland/Sweden


Dear Roxana,

you are looking for Goldschmeide Zeitung (Goldsmith"s

Newspaper) , which is at:

		Lots of luck-- you'll need it 

		Michael Knight

F.E. Knight, Inc., 120 Constitution Blvd., Franklin, MA 02038 |
508/520-1666 |


Cary - You are searching for the Goldschmiede Zeitung.
They have a web site in both German and English. If you ask
politely, they’ll even send you a 'zine. But you’ll have to
bone up on your german. Good luck. Kim


Hi Roxana, the url for GZ magazine is: It
is a great publication just expensive. Good luck. Vince
LaRochelle, Eugene, OR USA