G&LW franklin show

was trying to look at the upcoming G&LW franklin, nc show on
glwshows.com, but the server cannot be found. Does anyone know if
it’s been down for a while or if it’s just a passing glitch?


no clue about the server but have gone to the Franklin show for over
25 years and can answer most questions about it…try gem and lapidary
wholesalers at glwshows.com works for me all the time, for this
year’s Franklin dealers and details try using :


also works for me…last year’s show sales were drastically down from
past year’s shows, and the # of vendors and attendees were also down,
no one was spending money at the wholesale side, as there was nothing
worth buying…as far as jewelry it is never worth the fees to set up.
If you sell gems, lapidary supplies and tools, equipment etc. it is
very profitable with the proliferation of jewelry schools and
independant jewelers in the area that are remote enough to buy a
large portion of their consumables there, as it’s easier than a trip
to Atlanta, Asheville or Chattanooga.May is coming soon…

You say nothing worth buying on the wholesale side… no good stones?
I have gotten some wonderful ones at the July Franklin show in the
past, and was kind of hoping to go to the July one again this year…
maybe not.

Beth in SC

Check the vendor list before making the trip, and try and arrange
appointments before hand. That has always worked best for me and
vendors recognize you have bought from them before As such they
usually not only offer you great prices, but can pull whatever you
are interested in, therefore saving your time ( and theirs), and it
gives them an opportunity to introduce things they may have just
started carrying at special rates, or likewise, things they have
little stock of, or a variety you may wish to stock up on. For
example, I bought all one vendor had of raw silicon carbide Personal
contact from you before hand - the buyer- signals that you are a
serious customer and not among the hundreds of bored mountain folks
that attend for lack of any other entertainment. ( I have lived 40
miles from Franklin for more than 20 years). I have usually saved at
least 20% over the advertised prices and scored many many gems and
other items not on display to other wholesale customers. Regarding
last year’s show, as a wide generalization-there was nothing worth
the asking price, nothing new, original or interesting - that I
personally saw on the wholesale side nor in the outlying tents
either. Opinion purely. I did make some good buys that were
pre-arranged, negotiated for on prices, and from parcels (or entire
parcels) not on display. I go to the May show and the Autumn shows
there, when in NC (as it sometimes conflicts with a class I teach
annually). I rather dislike most gem shows however, having better and
established relationships witrh consistent, long-term suppliers,
lapidary and cutters.