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From: (Dave Stephens)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 21:50:11 -0800

Hell, what did I get myself into here…grrrrrr. Ok.

Lesson One (because some of you cut class).

Make an empty folder. All your page stuff will go in here. Into that
folder put a JPEG image of a piece of your jewelry or logo or your
dog. Make the picture about 400 pixels wide for starters. Name that
image something simple with no spaces between words or preferably one
word such as…brooch.jpeg (use .jpeg after the name of the
image). You’ve finished lesson one. Whew.

Lesson Two

Into that folder copy the following text and save it as a
simple text document. For Mac users simpletext or teachtext. For PC
users use whatever basic text writer you guys use. OK, now copy this
text below here and save it as a file into the folder and name it
something simple that will eventually become part of your web address.
Such as cooljewels.html No spaces between words and end your name with




Type in some nice descriptive copy here about your business.

OK, now some of you are reading the above text and having panic
attacks, turning green, or losing interest rapidly. Hang on, this
stuff is very simple to understand. Anything enclosed inside <>
brackets such as these denote a command. Its telling the browser to do
something. When you see a command with a slash before it it
meands end the command. So, means center whatever follows
that command and meands end the center command and
everything after that won’t be centered.

OK, here’s the summary and instructions of this basic basic page which
you will shortly see on your screen. This is an html code
page, duh. Needs to be there on top of every page though.

PAGE TITLE This is your page title. Not very important except when someone bookmarks your site the page title becomes the title of the bookmark. So, if your business is called COOL JEWELS you would type that name there where "PAGE TITLE" is now. Like this Cool Jewels Starts the body of your html page. Ok, I see some of you starting that panic attack again, not to worry. Easy stuff. Center. IMG SRC means "image source." Image source equals "name of your picture." End center. Make sure you copy it exactly as it is here and put the name of your picture inside the quote marks. "cooljewels.jpeg"


This is the visible headline for you page. Where it says "headline" type in whatever you want as a large headline. Like WELCOME TO COOL JEWELS. So its saying center at size H1 (don't worry about that now) your headline, end the H1 size and end center.

Now type ins some descriptive copy following the above line of
commands. Like you started your business in 1892 with only four
dollars in your pocket and now are deeply in debt and and expert in
cutting rhinestones. This stuff goes up there where it says “type ins
some nice descriptive copy…”

This is the end of your page. End body. Tells the browser that the page quits here. The total complete end of this web page.

OK, now you have a text file inside a folder with the html code and
one picture. Now open your browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer or AOL
or whatever). Open the browser offline, don’t log on, you don’t need
to. With your browser open go to “open file” or just “open.” Find your
folder and find the text file and open it. If you did everything right
a simple web page will open up with a headline , a picture, and your
descriptive copy. Cool, huh? Play around with changing the layout a
bit. Put the headline at the top , the picture at the end or whatever.
Change the H1 command to different number like H2, H4 etc. and see how
it changes the headline size. Try changing your picture size if its
too big or small. If you do change the size of your picture or graphic
when you go back to your open browser you’ll have to hit “reload” to
see the change. Any change you make while the browser is open, you’ll
need to reload to see the change. This is the basic page code and how
each page starts. You can also add more pictures into your folder and
use the simple html code line to add more images.

In our next lesson we’ll add a link to another page, make an email
button , and link a graphic or photo to another page, just like the
pro’s! Ok, please leave five dollars in the plate on your way

Art Jewelry for Conscious People