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(Fwd) Re: Silver Soldering


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From: (Mark Peddie)
Subject: Re: Silver Soldering
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 96 09:04:15 PDT

Greetings from South Africa!
With regard to solder balling prior to flowing - have you tried
keeping a soldering pick pressed lightly onto the paillon of solder
until the piece reaches the correct temperature (when the flux glasses
evenly) then releasing the pick and allowing the heat of the piece to
melt the solder? The pick is an effective heat sink and allows the
piece to heat up sufficiently without the volatile components of the
solder boiling off. It is also essential to heat the piece from the
point where the solder should flow to, and not play the flame directly
onto the solder if at all possible. The heat draws the solder towards
the hottest part of the joint, assisting the capilliary effect. Hope
this is of some help. Regards, Mark Peddie.