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Date: Mon, 24 Jun 96 16:27:00 PDT

From: Scott Hepner

Can anyone tell me how electric tacking/welding effects the crystaline
structure of white gold alloys?

Q: How does electric welding affect the crystal structure of white gold?

The effect of electric welding on the crystal structure of white gold is
dependent upon several factors and/or combination of factors. One is the
crystal structure of the original material prior to the welding process.
Is the original crystal structure is large grained vs. small grained? Is
the material cast, die struck or work hardened and annealed from hand
fabrication? An additional consideration to ponder is the alloying
components of the white gold; i.e., a nickel alloy vs. a palladium alloy.

Finally, consider whether the materials welded are small in mass (like an
earring post on the back of an earring) or large in mass (like the sizing of
a heavyweight man’s ring shank during the sizing process).

There is a difference between tacking and welding. Tacking refers to an
inadequate weld that will eventually break when sufficient pressure (force)
is applied. The term “weld” refers to a permanent bond.

Since the process of electric welding uses localized heat from electricity
rather than massive heat generated from a torch, the overall effect on the
metal is considerably less. So apply what you know about metal’s crystal
structure and regular soldering,
then reduce its overall effects to relate it to electric welding to include
any of the factors discussed above.

Sherrie Kysilka, G.G.
(Instructor) Jewelry Manufacturing Arts
Gemological Institute of America

Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.

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