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From: pwakefie@isd3.esrin.esa.it (Paul Wakefield - System Manager (SERCO) X492)
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Subject: Re: classifieds listings

Hello all

This is my first post here, all that I have seen so far has been

Well, I’m a complete beginner, I have no tools/equipment or
knowledge, just lots of enthusiasm !

So i’ll be looking to the list to gather as much and
knowledge as possible (before I start out !), in order to minimise
expensive mistakes… (this is only going to be a hobby, after all !)

I had an idea that I would start in silversmithing, then graduate to
gold when I became more confident (and competent).

I have a lot of good book references from the list, but what about
tools ? (Apart from the usual hand tools and a good gas torch). What would be your first large investments ? (no pun

Any addresses for used tool and equipment suppliers in the UK would
also be most appreciated.

Best Regards,

Paul Wakefield.