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(Fwd) PMC

Forwarded Message FollowsDate: Mon, 12 May 1997 14:11:09 +0000
From: takanashi
Subject: PMC

Here is the reply I received from Mitsubishi:

Thank you for your inquiry on PMC We are producing PMC of 24k,pure
silver,pure platinum,18k(yellow,pink,white).

Except 24kgold and silver, you need special furnace. In the case
of platinum, you must bake it on 1600e$B!ne(J. In the case of
!8kgold,you must bake it under H2 condition not Air.

Therfore we are selling only 24kgold and pure silver clay of PMC
in USA through our distributor.

Thank you

Tomohiro Takanashi

I hope this is helpful,

Ed Colbeth
Student, Metalsmith, Motorcycle Endurance Touring
Fairhaven, Ma

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