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Lawrence saber

Address: 216 Northpark Centre
7th Avenue
Parktown North
Johannesburg Gauteng 2193
South Africa

I am a Manufacturing Jeweller in my own business. The
Name of which is Sabushka Design & Manufacturing Studio. It has been
in existance for just over 10 years. We specialize in custom designed
and hand crafted “Specials”. Just about everything that we do is
started from “scratch” ie. unwrought granules. We work in 9kt Yellow,
Red and White and 18kt Yellow, Red and White. All alloying is done on
site. I would like to start working in 14kt, but we do not seem to
have much demand for it in South Africa. We do Mould making, Specials,
Setting, Model making in gold or wax, limited casting on “one off
wax’s”, Hot and cold Enamelling and designing.

Lawrence saber

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