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(Fwd) Introducing - Judith Sara Cohen

Judith Sara Cohen
Tel Aviv, Israel

I want to learn…

I have just started down this path, I know I need to read to
learn, and was hoping to find out what books would be best for a
begginer. I was also hoping to find out where I could
learn/appprentice here in Israel. I just moved here from NY and
really dont know where to begin to find a mentor.

My basic interst is in gold/silver smithing, but the more I learn
about all aspects of jewlery making the more I want to know.

Well, unfortunatly thats all there is to my intro, but the more I
learn the more I can contribute:)

Looking forward to learning more,
Judith Sara

Hi Judith,

I would recomend both the book and the vidio by Tim McCreight. Both are
called “The Complete Metalsmith.” This is very basic stuff. If you want
projects and color pictures, his “Metal Techmic” book is very good. No, I’m
not related to him nor do I even know him but I have taught a lot of
beginners. the “Jewelry Making Manual” by Sylvia Wicks is also good.
Remember that nothing replaces practice. Magazines such as "Ornament"
and “Metalsmith” are very good for staying currant.

Marilyn Smith

Try Revere’s book on Goldsmithing also without a mentor(mavin)you might try
getting a hold of some of the rio Grande video’s especially the one on
jewelry repair then you can look over someone’s shoulder.

steve ross