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Looking for gum tragacanth. The other name is Agar, and it is
available from Thompson Enamels, 650 Colfax Ave., Bellevue, KY
41073 phone 606-291-3800, FAX 606-291-1849 or 24 hour ordering
line, this is a computer talking to you, 1-800-545-2776 will take
orders 24 hours a day, Visa and MC accepted.

Stock number A-2, Agar. $2.60 per pint, $12.40 per gallon, but
you wouldn’t use a gallon in many moons. I use a lot of it for I
do enameling, but for granulation you need very small quantities.
It is organic gum from the ocean, and will spray as well as
using a brush. It is non-foaming.

Hope this is of help to those of you making inquiries. Have a
happy turkey day, and eat a lot. All the best, Karl