(Fwd) BOUNCE orchid: Admin request

Forwarded Message FollowsDate: 09 Oct 96 16:27:46 EDT
From: Dianne Karg 103125.1115@CompuServe.COM
To: Orchid Jewellery List ORCHID@GANOKSIN.COM
Subject: Re: Please Vote: Orchid As A Digest

To see how a digest works:

Try subscribing to the rockhounds-digest mailing list for a day or so.

To subscribe send an email to “rockhounds-digest-request@infodyn.com
and in the body of the message type “subcribe rockhounds-digest”.

To unsubscribe, send an unsub email to the same address.

Rockhounds is available in both formats and is a very active list,
averaging between 20-40 messages/day and more if a really heated
discussion comes up!

Ms. Wallace’s comment about the original message being appended to a
response is quite valid. I subscribed to the above digest while I was
away on vacation. My mail program only allows a maximum of 100
messages, so it was a convenient way of keeping up with the messages.
But I still switched back to the regular list, because I find it more
personal. Besides that, I can do a search with my mailer that lets me
group all the messages relating to one particular topic together, so I
can read them in succession. In digest form, not only does it get
tedious to scroll through lots of repeat messages to get to a one-line
answer - it strains the eyes too! I found it made replying to any one
particular message really cumbersome, especially when I had to hunt
for the recipient’s email address.

I think that both formats should be offered, and then individuals can

Just my $.02. Since this is my first post to the group (I’ve been
lurking for about month now) I’ll introduce myself in a separate post.

Dianne Karg
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.