Fw: wax, cast - book or class

Dede, I forgot, there’s also a Y on the east side, somewhere on
3rd or Lex in the 50’s or high 40’s which has jewelry classes as
well. They might have wax classes. Actually, I think
Metaliferrous has copies of their bulletin.

Hi DeDe

The Y is on 96th (or 95th) Street on the East Side (3rd or Lex).
I have not taken any classes there but I do know that John
Cogswell teaches there. I believe it’s the YMHA. They also have a
lot of workshops. A friend is taking a 3 day in gypsy and channel
settings with David Butler (I have taken a class with him- great

On a different note - does anyone know the make-up on a
Krugerrand or Maple Leaf: the % pure gold and % other?

Good luck.


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Unfortunately, John Cogswell is no longer at the Y , a loss to
all of us! @mbm

The Y is on 92nd and Lexington. Cogswell is a master craftsman
and a wonderful teacher. I took a summer course with him at
Penland in wax casting. I don’t think he teaches wax carving, but
he does run a very good program. Sandra/ElegantBee

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Thanks so much for the info!!! It seems like the 92nd Street is
the place to go! Everyone speaks so highly of the place!! I can’t
wait to check it out myself… DeDe