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Fw: Ward's Case

Howdy, The Wards have my sympathie, I think what is happing is a
disgrace and speaks poorly of the insurance industry(espically
State Farm). I suggest that if you are doing business with State
Farm that you stop immeditally. Also I think all who care should
boycott State Farm and let them know why. This may or may not
help Mr. Ward, but it will let State Farm know that we, as an
industry, will not tolerate insurance companies who do not stand
by their word. Who wants to do business with a Ins. co. who, when
given a claim tries to weasle out of paying by blaming an
innocent person? I don’t and would hope you wouldn’t either. If we
stick together, we may be able to make a change in the way ins.
co. handle claims, don’t underestimate the power of the dollar.
Hit them where it hurts the most, the pocket book. I have written a
letter to State Farm telling them I would never do business with
them, because of the poor treatment Mr. Ward has recieved. I hope
everyone esle will do the same. thanks for allowing me to put in
my 2 cents worth jerry