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Future Orchid Meetings

So when do we get a day-long Orchid gathering in the Bay Area? I’m
not in any shape to organize it myself, but I will bow numerous times
to anyone who takes it on.

Gratefully (in advance),

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
Benicia, CA

Lisa, Gather a few like minded Orchidians and share the work of
putting an Orchid gathering. It’s worth it. Joel

Joel Schwalb

lisa and other bay area listers,

i’d love to come to one. i’m in the bay area usually for about one
month a year (grew up there and all my husband’s and my family is
still there). we usually visit in october, but this year i may come
back to the US in february to take advantage of the tuscon gem show.

when i get my travel plans in order, i’ll be better able to help
organize a show.

any listers who are in the bay area who want to discuss organizing a
get together, feel free to email me.


Jocelyn Broyles
Costa Rica ph(011 506) 376.6417
U.S. fax (253) 669.1679

Jocelyn, Lisa, other bay area folks,

I’d love to go to an Orchid meeting and would be glad to help
organize it. Just let me know.