Future gold

I like a good mystery, and the “ghost gold” as the old time
prospectors call it is just that. I have found something that may be
ghost gold in the bottom of the pan and maybe this spring my assays
will tell me more. Yes, it is as predicted heavier than sand but
lighter than most gold. Maybe it is gold chloride or gold telluride.

If you google around you find that this subject is an interesting
mix of obvious quackery about MG which gives you psychic powers,
great health etc. and solid science. The latter includes Oak Ridge
National Laboratory research showing that nanogold bonds to DNA. We
still do not have an explanation for the 100 ppb in the human body
compared to 3 ppb in nature but I will tell you that any prospector
with an assay of 100 ppb will get very excited and work hard to find
its source. More so, if such assays come from the PGM (platinum group
metals) which also are said to be part of the monoatomic mystery we
have ghost gold and ghost platinum.

The problem we are told is that MG and MP do not show up in
conventional assays. David R. Hudson claims that he used carbon
electrodes to extract and assay the MG and MP and that 1/3 oz of PGM
per ton was actually an astonishing 2,200 oz/ton. Hudson work is then
saying that gold and PGM are actually very common in natural ores.
Implication? If I can build a carbon electrode operation in my
basement at low cost and high benefit, I will just keep quietly
churning out the stuff and cashing it in until the neighbours start
wondering why I have 100 Rolls Royce cars in my backyard like the
late, great Bhagwan Rajneesh. When they figure it out, the gold and
PGM markets will crash overnight and the stuff will be worth no more
than other superheavy metals like U and W.

Now I might dismiss all this as nonsense but I came across a serious
project by a chemist who studied the common asbestos-serpentine waste
piles in eastern Quebec. He did some very difficult assaying and
found astonishing high PGM. I do not doubt his findings. I think he
was just motivated by idle curiosity since the mafic/ultramafic host
rocks are deemed likely sources of PGM. I wonder about the
cost-effectiveness of milling asbestos waste though for MG and MP.

You can go to the Cornell U Library and look up papers with locator
suffixes of /9904181 and /9812369 and /9905225. Monoatomic wires were
first proven by Cornell in 1998. They wonder at the “puzzling
stability” of such super-thin wires and note that the wires have a
"spinning, zigzag geometry" and when that is stretched out they

Peter, I can’t help wondering why you are so interested in going to
all the trouble of investing all this time producing something that
is so obviously going to produce a bottom out in the market for gold.
If it is as easy as you say, then there must be several people
working on it right now. Have you deeply researched Zeballos? They
dug up the roads there when the price was freed to float. There still
might be more other places nearby.

Good luck, Peter.