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Fusing with sterlium plus vs argentium silver

Has anyone out there tried fusing with sterlium plus instead of
argentium silver? I tried it today for the first time and was
intrigued with the results. First I used Battern’s Flux on some
pieces like you do with Argentium silver. Made sure the flux dried
before fusing. It worked! Took a little time, but it did work. Even
made some granules too and fused them onto the sheet. Then I tried
the same thing with boric acid, alcohol, and some Magic flame flux.
I got fusing again, but this time the silver got a little hotter than
expected. Will try again tomorrow but will work the Boric acid and
alcohol a little colder than today. Balling up wire was a piece of
cake with either flux. Hope to hear from anyone else who has tried

Ruthie Cohen