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Fusing High Karat Gold to Niobium? (i.e. Keum-Boo)


I’m familier with working in Niobium and I have done Keum-Boo before. I would love to mix these two metals.
I fully understand why you can’t solder niobium, I’m wondering if anyone has had any success with fusing it at all?


Hi Rivka,
I believe you’d have to do this in a vacuum in order to make it stick. The natural oxide layer will prevent anything from sticking if you aren’t in an inert atmosphere.

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Does the sparkiee acomplish this because it blasts the air out for a split second?


Is there the possibility of setting up a vaccum work box? Like how we reach into a sand blasting box after sealing out piece in?

Clearly it would be crazy complicated


That is exactly what the Sparkie II does!


I don’t know if there’s a DIY way to do that…If there is, someone on the forum will definitely chime in =)
I know the laser welders use an argon gas shield to weld in as it accomplishes the same result.


I can fuse gold findings onto Niobium sheet with a Sparkie, correct?


Only fusion findings–they have a small fusion nib on them. The Sparkie will not fuse together 2 random pieces of material. You can see some examples here:


Oh yeah, im familiar with how and why they work, just asking if a gold fusion finding to Niobium base worked?


Yes, the Sparkie will fuse dissimilar metals so if you had a gold fusion finding, you could fuse to Nb no problem!