Fusing fine silver jump rings in a kiln

I am almost certain that my question about using fine silver jump rings in a kiln will be answered with a huge ‘NOPE, CAN’T DO IT!’ I generally need to fuse jump rings of 22g fine silver round wire, ranging approximately 7mm-10mm ID. Is there a way to fuse these rings in a digitally controlled kiln? If so, what surface would be best to use to support them during the firing? What firing schedule would work, if any? Just musing on a more efficient process than individually fusing them with a torch.

Fascinating question, I would be concerned about it melting into a little ball instead of a ring. Maybe a small cylinder or cone of graphite that maintained the hoop/loop form.

Temperature accuracy would be important but other than that, wouldn’t any fire brick that is smooth work? What do you currently use as surface for soldering/fusing?

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