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Fusing 22K bezels?

Hi all, the latest thread on springy 14K bezels brings me to my
question. I have some 22K bezel wire that I have been wanting to
use for quite a while but have been intimidated as I try to move
from silver to gold. One response spoke about fusing 22K bezels
instead of soldering. I would love some more info on doing this.
do you flux? Is it as simple as forming the bezel and then heating
until it fuses? What is the best surface to do the fusing on. Is
acelylene/air ok? Scary stuff. Betty

Betty- I just had a class on this a week or so ago. We were
instructed to balance the 22kt.bezel on the edge of the charcoal
block, with the cut edges hanging slightly over open air. We then
fused them using acetylene/air torches. I was amazed at how easy it
was. I’ll never make another silver bezel- it was that easy.
Anne Stickney

hi betty. I work a lot in hi-karat gold… when fusing 22k, do NOT
use flux - heat with a bushy flame. the most important thing is to
be sure the edges of the bezel abut really well. we file the edges
to obtain a really good contact, then heat slowly with a 0 tip, bushy
flame. we use the oxy-acetylene torches.

a lot of people use a charcoal block - I prefer the white soldering
boards. either one is fine!

don’t be intimidated. gold is far more forgiving than silver, and I
think it’s considerably easier to work with…!

if you live anywhere near NY there’s a great school for classical
jewelry – fusing and granulation techniques, the way the greeks &
romans used to do it… Celia Bauer studios. actually you don’t even
have to live near NY to take classes there, a lot of people come from
all over the country - there are week-long summer intensives… great
place to really master fusing & granulation.