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Funding for classes (Slightly Off Topic)

All valid points but when has politics and art in America ever
agreed. Better yet on what occasion has a cause been championed where
all, or even most, of any funds raised gone to that cause.

America is one place I can say that is truly bi-polar when it comes
to art. At the root level art is wonderful to look at, be entertained
by, or own but many, too many parents, relatives, etc., feel that it
should be a hobby not a career unless you’re a successful artist.

At the political level it’s lost for sake of politics. After all
morals can be dictated by politicians :slight_smile: Like the semi-nude statue of
Justice in the Department of Justice became immoral when the new
Attorney General came in. Hmmm what does he know that all the other
AG’s didn’t??

So what makes Politicians different well them asking for money is to
help us the people and artist can “potentially” create immoral art
after all it says “In God we Trust” right?

Venting-Taking deep breaths now back to my bench, Guy… “Have 3
cents, that’s 2 if I gave it all I’d have no “cents” at all.”

Good points. With regard to where donations go, there are ways of
making sure thay your contributions are used as you intended them.
Most people are unaware of this, but one thing that you may want to
consider if you are thinking of donating to a charity is to ask for
a copy of the organization’s annual report before you write that
check. In the US all not-for-profits are required to publish their
operating budget and revenue figures in their annual report. They
are also required by law to show this to anyone who
requests it. If an organization is hesitant to show their numbers
something fishy is going on. Additionally, when making a donation
by check, the donor may “earmark” the funds on the memo line and
they must be used according to the donor’s wishes. Lastly, all
audits and published figures are conducted by a third party.