Fundacion Valparaiso

As I’m rejoing Orchid after a hiatus of a couple of months, I
thought I’d sign in. My husband and I had a opportunity to go to
Spain for 7 weeks, 4 of which we were at a wonderful artist’s
residency/retreat at Mojacar, called Fundacion Valparaiso. What a
great time we had. There were 8 artists altogether.Since the place
isn’t set up for metal working (very few tools etc) we did projects
that shoot off tangentally from our jewellery work (Andrew worked
with concrete as sculpture material - although he did make a couple
of concrete pendants- and I used my ferric chloride etching to do
printing - they do have a small intaglio press). The amazing thing
about FV is that once you are accepted, it’s free! - you just have to
get yourself there and the rest is looked after. An amazingly
generous atmosphere. We each had a bedroom con bano, and a studio.
The writers in the group didn’t have a separate studio but had larger
bedrooms than the visual artists. The founders, Paul and Beatrice
Beckett, set it up as a retreat as much as a residency for artists,
knowing artists need time away to contemplate their work, their goals
and direction; to try new ideas and experiment; and to renew their
creativity. I’d highly recommend it to anyone. If you want more info
contact me directly - I’d be glad to pass on more info.

We also managed to meet Carles Codina in Barcelona and he toured us
through the jewellery dept. of Escola Massan.

Glad to be back
Sandra Noble Goss
Goss Design STudio
Owen Sound, ON Canada