Fun with chemicals

I’m working with mixed base metals doing nontraditional stuff, more
display/ statement/ fine arts work, not really for wearing. I want
to try patinas, I need colors, and I think I need a really good

Any suggestions or reccomendations on books? I need some information
to figure out a production process. The local librarys are completely
bereft of nformation.

Other methods for putting color on metals would be good to know
about if somebody wants to drop me a clue. I’m not quite ready to
dive into enamel yet.

Lizzy Claiborne

Hi Lizzy, I recently got the bug to do the same thing and found quite
a few websites by searching for ‘metal patinas’. Next you have to
find the chemicals to do the recipes. I’ve always liked chemistry
and think it would be fun to try it by mixing my own solutions. Here
are a few sites I found. Hope it is OK to post. for
chemicals for
recipes Mary Louise in WA

some website sources:

Bryant Laboratory
101 Fifth St.
Berkeley, CA 94710
(415) 526-3141
(800) 367-3141

Chemicals For Patinas. Suppliers of chemicals for the mixing of
patinas. They have a handout on different patination formulas and a
number of different books on the process. Web site seems to be
discontinued??? for titanium and nobidium for aluminum


The best $85 you will spend is on the Hughes & Rowe’s book “The
Coloring, Bronzing, and Patination of Metals”

It’s in most public

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