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Fun little play area


Here is a little forming area I have right next to me now. I really like being able to just turn a little and hammer something out that needs it. Might upgrade the wood to steel when I get ambitious but this is good for now.


Love this. Can you send a side view? Also is it joined on your work bench
or sits alone?

Do anyone else out there have any suggestion, plus pictures, of a small
hammering area
I could build and keep beside my work bench. I have a lovely rosewood
jewelers workbench
and I do not want to attach anything to it. Rather have a free standing but
movable hammer section.

Sharron in sunny Mexico


Sure I’ll send other pics on Monday. This sits between my bench and the one next to mine so were can both use it. It is on a heavy wood end table I put wheels on. There is a serious chunk of steel on it also for stability and to hammer on. You can see a glimpse of it on the left. You could do this with hard wood and it would be even more solid but this is stout. Just drill then chisel in the square holes for different stakes or like I have there hardened bolts that I shaped. I like found things. The end table was at a resale shop cheap but it’s made with all 2x4 construction. Steel you can get at salvage yards or scrap yards.
Have fun and don’t let people tell you you can’t, just do.


Here are some pics of the cart and more of the hammering tools.