Fume and Dust extraction

Hi all, I am a relatively new (ie inexperienced) jeweller/silversmith
now looking to start casting myself but appreciate that metal fumes,
lemel and silica/quartz dust (from investment powder) aren’t exactly
great for your health.

I guess I need a pretty sensible fume/dust extraction system (ie
more than just a good 3M respiratory mask and some gloves) - I work
in my garage which is attached by a door to my house. I dont think
the neighbours will be too pleased if I just use an extractor fan to
push the harmful substances their way! (nor the rest of the village
for that matter!)

I am also thinking about building my own burnout furnace since UK
distributors seem to charge more than I can afford for anything
sensible ( I have all but finished making my investment & casting
machine and my plating ‘machine’ … soon see if they work!)

Anyone got any advice on building kilns and dust/fume extraction ?

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Many thanks
Keith Elliott

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