Full Year of Shows

Hi Everybody

Ok, so I have been making jewelry for a while now and it has had it’s
ups and downs. I have done a few little shows and had some success. I
have been happy with it.

Since my sons are now getting older, I decided a few months ago to
really give it my best shot. If you have been here for a while, you
noticed that my posts to the list really dropped off and I focused
on what I wanted to do with the jewelry.

Anyway, the juries have come in and my effort has paid off a bit. I
am in 2 shows this year in Stowe, VT (it’s beautiful there and I
couldn’t be happier). I am currently waitlisted for 2 shows I have
wanted to be in for a long time (Spring and Fall at Lyndhurst,NY I
am #2) and I am waitlisted #10 for the Guilford Expo here in Guilford
where I live.

So, just a little background…I have been selected to be one of the
finalists for the Saul Bell Award (Swarovski crystals) and am
currently working on a new collection of jewelry to be professionally
photo’d and put on a brand new website…I have the photographer to
come in in a couple of weeks and I have lined up a web designer.

Busy, busy. I don’t mean to go into so much detail but it leads to
my question. I am determined (Determined) to go to these shows and do
well. I have made up my mind on that. Is there anyone on the list who
might correspond with me privately about the ins and outs of doing
well in one’s first full year of shows?

I cannot even begin to describe how good it feels to finally be
doing what I want to do. I look forward to every day and I am excited
about my work, so excited. I’m not trying to brag, please don’t think
that. It’s just that I have had 2 careers prior and this is the one
for me. I chose for me, because of me, and I am doing it…just me.

Kim Starbard