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Full sized round nose pliers?

Hi All! Again, I am begging for I would like to know if
there are round nose pliers made that are more full-sized… like
the size of common blunt-nose pliers… that have a larger maximum
thickness base around 3/4 inch. I would like to make larger wire
worked things. All I have found is the jewelers size (about 6
inches). Oh, I sure hope that someone has made this kind of plier!!!
(woe is me, if not!) Any would be greatly appreciated.
Robin :smiley:

I think what you are looking for are similar to caliper pliers (I
think that’s what they’re called) from Auto Stores. I’ve seen
something looking like a really big round nose plier which has a hook
and smaller tip protruding from the end. I thought that this could
be sawed off to make a poor man’s jewellery roundnose but I thought
they were too big. Also they were quite cheap here in australia.
I’ve seen them in Auto Parts stores as well as the large Hardware
stores (usually around the auto department)

I dont know if this helps

Trevor Ffrench
Perth, Australia