Full Color Brochures

If you have wanted to produce your own brochures and full color
printing you may have thought it a daunting and expensive task. It�s

My repair price book is designed in Microsoft Publisher. 254 pages
of it. “If I can do it, you can do it.” There are also more
professional programs, all more expensive. Microsoft Publisher is
about $125, the others are over $600. The only disadvantage to
publisher (well, O.K., there are a few) is most professional
printers don�t accept Publisher files.

But there are more and more of them out there that do. I have used
www.printingforless.com for a while, they do cards, brochures, sell
sheets, book marks, etc. They accept many formats, including

Recently I have found a site that will do full color, both sides,
brochures, at about half the price of printingforless.com. I have
not used them but was very enthused by their site. It�s extensive.
In the middle of the site is a button for an audio tour, neat.

Printing for less has 5000 brochures done for over $877.00 with a
special clear coating while this new site I found is $395 for 5000

The site: http://www.brochureplace.com In addition they have
extensive links to other helpful sites. I have a list of about 4 or 5
sites to download pictures and artwork, mostly you buy them. From
THEIR site they have a link to: http://www.jumpola.com/

Which is a link site to other sites to help you design all sorts of
media. In the middle, bottom of the page you�ll see
�Photography�section. Like I said I have 4 or 5 stock photo sites on
my computer favorites. The picture on the front of my book came from
one of them. This site has THIRTY-FOUR photography sites! I went to
a few and many have jewelry pictures and people wearing it.

At $396 for 5000 brochures I�m thinking this could tell a much
better story than postcards do for the exact same price. Bulk rate
is the same postage, so why not?

Check out both sites. If you don�t have a desktop publishing
software they can design a brochure but all of the programs have a
brochure template where you just open a template and type in your
own writing. Then you can go to these sites and download pictures to
go in the brochures.

Check it out.
David Geller