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Fuel to oxygen ratios to use?

I have several torches - lampworking (Nortel Minor), Smith Little,
and an atmospheric Smith Acetylene. I am interested in knowing what
type of torches other artists use and what type of fuel they use and
what ratios of fuel to oxygen they use.


For lampworking I use 5psi propane to 10psi oxygen concentrator.

For Silver-smithing:

Smith Little torch - using 10psi propane to 20psi oxygen Atmospheric
Acetylene Smith - using 10psi acetylene

Also which types of flames do you perfer for what techniques -
Reducing, Neutralized, or Oxidizing? In lampworking I use all three
of these flames for different reactions from the glass. However I am
still learning the effects of these flames in silversmithing.

Looking forward to hearing from you,