Fuel for Platinum soldering

I have been using oxyacetylene with a “Little torch” all my jewelry
life. Early on I added a flux tank to the acetylene line which
automatically adds flux into my flame. This has allowed me to solder
gold filled very successfully and keeps all soldering and annealing
operation very oxide free. Although it does clog up the torch and
lines and requires maintenance, it’s worth it!

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of Platinum and my initial tests
found my system to work just fine even though acetylene is not
recommended for Platinum. Also I use a heat-treatable Plat. alloy
which, unlike regular alloys , does require fluxing as it does
oxidize. I have had problems with weak solder joints, however, which
I wonder might be helped by switching to Oxy-Hydrogen.

Does anyone have experience with this and can I just replace the
acetylene tank and regulator in my system with a hydrogen tank and
regulator and keep everything else (flux tank, torch etc.) the same?

Tom Kruskal

I recommend just go with propane. Its cheap, clean, hot, and readily
available everywhere Robert Benham

Tom, I have had a question on Little Torch and sent it on to Smith
Equipment. I received good from them.

I know he can also answer your question so I have forwarded your
message on to Dale Johnson dalej@smithequipment.com HTH Teresa

It is my understanding that some use hydrogen as a fuel gas choice
for platinum applications. The reason is ‘cleanliness’. Hydrogen
will impart the least impurity into the molten material. If chosen,
you would use the same tips as would be used for acetylene.

I recommend natural gas. I have it piped right up to my bench. No
bottles, no deposit, 24/7 and cheap!

Dear Manmountain… do you use any oxyen with the house gas?? for
Platinium or is this just for regular soldering… calgang

    do you use any oxyen with the house gas?? for Platinium or is
this just for regular soldering

Sorry about that. I certainly do. I generally don’t work with much
more than an ounce at a time. I have recently ordered a hydrogen
regulator for very special ocaisions, but haven’t really found this a
necessity for 29 years.