Fuel and soldering equipment in Ghana

I will soon be going to Ghana to work with a non-profit organization
promoting a village jewelry-making enterprise in the Krobo region. I
have been invited to teach these artisans intermediate metalworking
techniques, especially basic soldering. I’ll need to purchase a torch
and related items once I’m there-in Accra, I assume. I urgently need
on what jewelry designers are currently using for fuel
and torches and where to obtain this equipment. I do not want to use
a blowtorch. The idea is to make it as easy and safe as possible to
teach basic soldering skills so I would prefer to use something close
to what Americans consider conventional torch setups. I understand
that butane and propane are available in Ghana and would prefer to
use butane with these novices. Any is greatly

Kathleen Johnson
Sarasota, Florida

Hi Kathleen, In Ghana, modern jeweller’s use the the LPG and the
local goldsmiths mostly use the blow torch. Different type of touches
are available to buy in Ghana

Cheers. With Compliments from
Isaac Agyenim Boateng
Head of Business Advisory Centre