[FTP] Meet Michael David Sturlin

Meet Michael David Sturlin, A jewelry artist and a SNAG member at:



Wow…what clean tools! I don’t think mine have looked that nice
since they were new…lol…and I don’t have anywhere near as nice of
a studio as close as I can tell from the picture. Well heck…I guess
this will have to be an incentive to get out there and start

Hey…I’ll be at both the Rosen show in Philly, and at the ACC show
in Baltimore next month. Anyone else going to be at either one? Want
to do an Orchid dinner if possible one night?


Lisa, (Out on Duchess today at full gallop down the fire roads. Scared the beans
out of a couple of hikers…hehehe), Topanga, CA, USA

Lisa, Would love to meet orchidians in Baltimore. Dinner would be
good. Tom Arnold