[FTP] Granules size calculator

Hi All, I was going to keep this a secret until I had it all
complete, but I have been putting together a Web site for
granulation. Included in the site is an Excel spreadsheet for
creating granules of any size.

There is a volume relationship between a cylinder (length of wire)
and a sphere (granule). I have calculated it on an Excel spreadsheet
and any of yall can download it for free.

Measure the diameter of the wire to be exact, place it in the spot
for the diameter. Plug in ramdom lengths , or use the up and down
scroll to watch the length increase and decrease. The diameter of
the granule created by the two is displayed at the right. It is
absolutely accurate, as accurate as you take the measurements of your

Here is the link:


If any of you have any other calculations you would like access to ,
please drop me a line and I’ll add them to the spreadsheet. I would
like to have as many commonly used references as possible on the

I plan on including the following:

  1. Ring Size in Size, diameter , length of band (circumfrence) and
    correlation with the other standards, Japanese, German, South

  2. Saw blade sizes and diameter of saw hole needed for piercing.

  3. Drill size , mm, inches, Tap number.

  4. A convert sheet for different lengths and weights. Excel has
    this built in using the Worksheet Convert Function. You have to have
    the Analysis tool pack installed.

I also plan on having links to all the masters of granulation. If
you have any links to great granulation pieces, please email me and
I’ll include them.

I have placed a new link to Carolyn Tyler, fantastic designs.

I would like any pictures of Harold O’Connor’s Granulation Pieces.

Love and God Bless
-randy (In Dallas Texas)

Randy – Thank you very much for this – it’s great!! Now – I have
a question that has been driving me nuts – and it’s very very basic,
but this is the second time that I have run into this (the first
having to do with a reference to dowel sizes relative to creating
jump rings for chains). The question is – when a reference is made
to the size of a jump ring – we are talking about the INSIDE
diameter of that jump ring, correct??? So no matter what size wire
you use, if you talk about a 5/16th inch dowel or jump ring, then
then that refers to the size of the hole – correct???

Thanks –
StoneHouse Studio

Randy, What a wonderful resource you have created! I was talking to
Doug Zaruba during the ACC Baltimore (snowstorm with art), and we
are working out a workshop at Metalwerx called “Granulation on
Synclastic and Anticlastic Forms”. Thanks so much for your generous
technical donation. -k