FTC Jewelry guide, misleading and deceptive

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 I am not "putting down" beading at all. I am simply bringing to
the attention of the Orchid community the fact that many are
incorrectly/inaccurately labeling products as "handmade" which are
in fact only hand-assembled, and I am asking what can be done to
correct the problem. 

Lee I think you too are missing the point, when some puts a headpin
through a bead and does a clean wrapping job then interconnects
quite a few of these BEAD, Pearls what ever the medium, if they go
ahead and make the hook and eye what ever that chose as a fastener,
This is where the standards of art need be brought up AGAIN what if
they too made their own beads, I think FIMO is still around, and
Glass bead’s as well, So you just want to see bead people in general
not allowed in some shows… OK will red headed people be allowed to
sell ???

Ken, you are refuting arguments which I have never put forth. My
original post was in pertinent part addressing the practice of
labeling beadwork assembled of pre-made, mass-manufactured
components as “handmade.” My expressed concerns were not regarding
beaders in general, simply with those who assemble pre-made
components and then incorrectly identify the finished piece as

I have not offered any opinion as to who should or should not be
admitted to shows. I have never stated that artists in any jewelry
subspecialty should be precluded from selling. The issue of who is
or is not admitted to a show is an issue for show organizers and and
juries to decide. Your statement that I “just want to see bead
people in general not allowed in some shows…” is wildly
inaccurate. Not only did I not say that, I would be among the first
to protest if someone did propose something that hare-brained. Beads
allow a range of artistic expression and of skill and
sophistication as broad as any other jewelry medium. It should be
judged on it’s merits as anything else should. It should also be
marketed fairly and accurately, as anything else should.

I have no preference or predjudice regarding hair color. Not that
it is relevant to the debate.

I also do not mind it when people disagree with my views, but I do
mind it when people attribute views to me which I do not hold and
have never articulated.

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry