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Frosted diamonds

One of our jewelers frosted the diamonds in a heavy platinum ring.
Any suggestions what to do?


When a Diamond is overheated while still dirty the dirt can burn
onto the surface of the Diamond.

There are two ways to handle this problem.

1 - You can boil the stone in Nitric acid


2 - send the Diamond to a Diamond cutter to have it polished.

My choice would be to send it to a Diamond cutter and have it

Good Luck
Greg DeMark
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Richard B.and all “Orchidians”.

I suppose you meant “burned or burnt” either case if this stone in
question is a large stone 1/4 carat. You gotta do one of two things.
Remove this stone, you can’t “fix” while its in the Plat. mount.
Remove it ‘gently’, contact your friendly “Diamond Polisher” and let
him know that your diamond has to be totally “re-surfaced, or
re-cut”. The fees will be determined by the size of the stone. If
the stone in question, is smaller than a .25 cts. buy a new one, cost
for labour will be greater than buying…!!! I cannot quote fees
here! After re-cutting, there will be a discernable weight loss per
stone, depending on th size from .02-.05pts ±!

Re-cut? YES! Each and every facet on the stone has to be re-surfaced
totally! Under close examination with a Gem-Scope or a 10x loupe you
will notice a “fire-scale”. This has to be removed! You just cannot
do this yourself… If you have many stones to re-cut, ask him to give
you a quantity discount…“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter”!

Unfortunately I think your jeweler burned them. They can be cleaned
up by repolishing but you’ll need to remove them first. If they are
small melle you might be better off replacing them.


Richard, It sounds like the diamonds got burned. Only solution that
I know of is to replace the diamonds. If the stones warrant, they may
be able to be re-polished.

The ONLY ‘repair’ is to remove the diamonds and have a diamond cutter
repolish them. I can recommend someone if your jeweler doesn’t know

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Truth is if they were not clean enough it can carbon coat the
diamonds. Very difficult to remove without repolishing the diamonds!
I have used a combination of 10% hydrochloric acid and a tablet of
dentucream to fizz the solution. Enclose or do it outside as it is
very corrosive!


Dear Ringman, I have some 15 pointers I carbon frosted and wonder
where the breakeven point on diamond size is for getting them
polished and who does diamond polishing?

Sam Patania, Tucson

    I have some 15 pointers I carbon frosted and wonder where the
breakeven point on diamond size is for getting them polished and
who does diamond polishing? 

Sam, since there hasn’t been an on-list response to your question,
I’ll chime in. I don’t know where the break-even point is, but I do
know of a diamond cutter near me in Deerfield Beach, FL. Actually,
they are a diamond cutting school that offers cutting and re-cutting
services. I’ve never used them, but friends tell me they know what
they’re about. The URL to their re-cutting services is:

Their e-mail is

James in SoFl

Sam, not use about posting . but as far as frosted diamonds we might
be able to help out . Diamond Repair Service Stuller, Inc. offers an
in-house diamond repair service. We repair all sizes and shapes
starting at .25 carat for round and .40 carat for fancy-shaped

Send your stones to:
Stuller, Inc.
Attention: Karl Kruger
302 Rue Louis XIV
Lafayette, LA 70508

For further details, please call 1.800.877.7777, press 9, 2820#.

Andy " The Tool Guy" Kroungold
Tool Sales / Technical
Stuller Inc
Phone 800-877-7777 ext. 94194
Fax 337-262-7791


what are the approximate charges for “de-frosting” a diamond? I’m
aware that in most cases, you must re-polish most facet faces.