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From "Gerry's Essays!"

Hi everyone!

I’m buying a new computer next week. For this reason, I’m taking a little hiatus from my writing & posting of newer essays. But as I did some backing up of my files, I found 12 newer essays that were never posted…(I think). I still had three more ‘ready to go’ when my 10 years old p.c. literally gave up on me. I still have 2 more being worked on when the p.c.gave me non-stop “buffering”.

To make these newer 14 essays easier to learn, I now must supply photographs for each of them and obtain the necessary “silver models” for each new title…OY & OUCH!

My writing now is on a mini-laptop and I want to get this “unfinished” essay completed, asap!

***Gerry Lewy ***


We’re lookin forward gerry ty :). Btw may i ask what new pc is coming? Im a closet tech geek lol