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Friend traveling to Thailand

Hi all,

I have a friend and former student who will be traveling to Thailand:
Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Sukothai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Singapore and Bali.
She’s leaving Saturday and will be in the area until around 7/18. Can
anyone give me some ideas of places for her to visit that are
jewelry/stone/tool related and the directions of how to get there. Also,
what kinds of stones and materials are good buys in these areas and are
there any places to avoid for such purchases. Thanks for your help.

Nancy <@nbwidmer>
ICQ # 9472643
Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA

I have friends who go over to SE Asia on a regular basis and the one thing
they all stress to me, is that if I were to go over there myself to buy
do NOT buy any gemstones from peddlers on the streets. 99% of
the time you will end up with a synthetic. They are that good at fooling

Barry Hansen
Hansen Designs
Corona, California

Hi! Barry

You are right that many of the synthetics are bought from the peddlers.
But also watch for synthetics in Chantaburi where some dealers will try
their luck at selling synthetic as natural. Chatham flux grown rubies
were found in some parcels. Watch for the flux inclusions look very much
like the natural one. When in doubt don’t touch it. Always double check
with older dealers around in Chantaburi or if you are in Bangkok try the
gem lab e.g. Tokyo Gem Lab, etc. Or check with some reputation jewellery
stores in Silom road.

Good luck to you.