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Can anybody suggest how its made ? Is it enamel or something else ?

These are vitreous enamel.
FreyWille is an Austrian firm which produces some of the finest production enamel pieces. I believe they are also the contract house for Hermes’s enamel bracelets.


Thank you for replying. It will help me lot if you give some more info on this enamel process ?

AFAIK it’s regular vitreous enamel, but I can’t speak to their particular technique for enameling in the round.
However, I’m not an enamelist, so not the one to ask for technical help.

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they look like COPIES of Native American Indian designs.

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I just checked her website.
They are inspired from old artworks(paintings).
Amongst other Vincent Van Gogh.

So I’m not sure how you deduct the copy statement, and no need to shout.

Regards Per-Ove

Hey, Thanks for writing. There is nothing to copy in this as it is useless product for Indian market. I just asked in the community to increase my know-how. Not to mention but Whole world knows the foremost advance enamel technique of Jaipur (my workshop is there).


Sorry, it was related to Tony’s post.


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Anyway any idea on the enamel process ?


My first impression is that they look very Art Deco to me. But I have had people look at some of my Art Deco pieces and think they were inspired by Native American designs as well. This makes me wish I knew my art history a bit more so I could see what you are seeing. I do have a friend who is an American Indian who is a jeweler and I could see him doing something like this with a few of his pieces.
Now you have me wondering. Common themes across cultures and centuries? Sounds like a rabbit hole for an art aficionado to go down.
Very interesting.

FWIW, I don’t find your designs that similar to Native American work. Their work always includes dividers between colors, which yours does not. What you have done looks more like Art Deco to me, with all the simple geometric designs. Your pastel colors are not similar to those usually used by Native Americans. -royjohn

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